Housing Counseling

Making Homeownership a Reality

Let’s work together to make owning your own home part of your financial journey. The programs and expertise from our HUD Certified Counselors can help you and your family get into your first home fast.

Housing Counseling & Foreclosure Intervention

Pre-Purchase Counseling

Potential homeowners can benefit from a personalized financial evaluation before they step into homeownership, securing a better interest rate based on having and maintaining a good credit history. A professional counselor can evaluate finances, perform a credit assessment, and make recommendations for improving credit.

HECM/Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Homeowners who are considering a reverse mortgage are required to obtain Reverse Mortgage counseling from a HECM-certified housing counseling agency before they can make an application. CCCS has qualified counselors on staff to meet the needs of this requirement.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

If you are a homeowner at risk of foreclosure, Consumer Credit Counseling Service is here to help. Our HUD Certified staff will complete a financial analysis and provide clients with options for preventing foreclosure.

Pre-Foreclosure Housing

Homebuyer Education

Buying a home is probably the biggest, most expensive purchase you will ever make.

Exploring our homebuyer education guide before you become a homeowner can help you get the best home for your money. This education is offered in-person, by phone, Zoom or online.

The “Make Your Move… A Guide to Homeownership” online course will help you understand the terms used in the home-buying process, the professionals you’ll work with, and the documents you’ll need to close your loan. You’ll learn what to expect as you go through the process of shopping for and buying a home. You’ll gain knowledge on how to get your best start and how to avoid predatory lenders. Plus, you will receive a certificate when you finish the course.

*PLEASE NOTE: This is an automated system. You are responsible for printing your certificate and any chapters of the book for future reference.

You make decisions about money every day — some minor, some that will affect you for years. If you have questions about repairing or improving your credit and credit score, using a budget, or getting out of debt, you’ve come to the right place. CCCS of the Ozarks gives you the resources you need to achieve financial freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Counseling for Future Home Buyers

Our online counseling module is a convenient and confidential way to get started. You will be asked to enter information about yourself, which will assist us in better understanding how we may be able to help. After we assess the information you provide, a certified counselor will contact you in order to complete the credit counseling session — either by phone or in person.